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Brief Nudity

Keywords: Brief Nudity, Black, Black Hair

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This sexy stud comes our way out of Berkley, California originally and you might not necessarily recognize him on the screen, but you just might if you hear some of his music!  That's right, Kossisko aka 100s, is a Grammy Nominated rapper and songwriter, who has worked with some of the biggest names in the music business since he blew up onto the scene in 2013 with his single "Ten Freaky Hoes".  His next big track "Life of a Mack" actually made it's way onto the Grand Theft Auto V soundtrack, so if you've ever played that game during a high speed pursuit to avoid whatever heinous crime you've just committed, you might know the mononymously dubbed Kossisko.  We hear tell that this curly cutie was a trouble maker in his teen years too, causing his folks to send him off to boarding school in the Ivory Coast, which seemingly toughened him up, but still kept him sexy in a bad boy kind of way.  So the obvious next step for this stud is to get that tight body up on a screen somewhere and he did so in a grand way on the HBO series Euphoria, where he only had a smaller part as the DJ at a party, but it's enough to get him the attention he deserves!  He comes our way though with a Nude-Come debut on the 2021 series Sex/Life, where we get to see that bad boy booty on full display as he gets a blowjob up against a pinball machine by a lady.  Hopefully his film/TV career take off because as much as we like to hear him, we'd certainly prefer to see him!