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Martins Imhangbe is a sexy British babe you might want to take to bed. Or take him literally anywhere. What a fox he is! This guy is chiseled for the gods and he looks like he was made to look like a living work of art by a famous sculptor or something. His body has been sculpted from his pillowy pecs to his six-pack abs and his hot cheekbones which usually are adorned by a black beard. Damn, he is so fine. He seems like he came either out of nowhere or straight from Heaven, but he is actually a working actor who is only just getting his career started. His debut came in the 2019 film The Tragedy of King Richard the Second in which he played Bagot and Duke of Amerle. That really showed off his old-timey acting skills as well as his sophisticated demeanor that makes people swoon. This definitely led to his next move! Martins had his big break when he was cast as Will Mondrich in 2020's series Bridgerton. In one episode, he takes off his shirt to participate in a boxing match. How dignified of him to show us his shiny muscles like this! His biceps and his pecs are glistening in sweat as if they were covered in little diamonds. He looks like he is shimmering on screen as he dances on his feet and throws a few punches, proving that those muscles are not just for show. Let us all hope that Martins puts on a nuder show next time!