If there is one name associated with B movies it is Roger Corman. Roger Corman was the master at making movies cheap and fast. That was his primary belief: make movies fast and cheap! That is why Roger Corman is associated with hundreds of films. Look him up on IMDB and you will see hundreds - and I do mean HUNDREDS - of films on his resume. That is pretty incredible!

He was best known for being a producer and a director. He was a producer in every sense of the world from hands-on producing on set to executive producing and distributing foreign films in America. He was also responsible for a lot of early careers...and a lot of early nudity. Let's take a look at some of the finest nudity in the Roger Corman universe.

Bloody Mama

Roger Corman attempted to tell the story of the Ma Barker Gang, a woman and her sons who went on gruesome crime sprees. The entire country was terrified of this Bloody Mama and her boys. That's a true story, but when Corman is behind the camera things get sensational. Things also got skinsational when Robert De Niro actually went nude in this flick during a bath scene. Watch closely and you can see some good bits:

The Trip

One of the more popular hippie movies of the 60s was The Trip, a psychedelic "trip" through acid taking that starred Peter Fonda. With several colorful scenes that are set to groovy tunes, we get to really tune on, tune in, and drop out. Fonda shows his ass a couple of times while he's tripping. No, you're not trippin' - that's Fonda's tush!

Nude Dudes in Roger Corman's Many Movies

The Tin Drum

This 1979 film was actually distributed by Roger Corman. He really was a jack of all trades! Since it was a foreign film, it went easy on the male nudity. Thank goodness because there really was a lack of nudity in Corman's 70s films. This surrealist comedy gets very real when Daniel Olbrychski takes off his pants to get busy with a babe in bed. We are privy to his tan-lined cheeks which certainly makes us want to bang a tin drum.

Nude Dudes in Roger Corman's Many Movies

We also get a quick glimpse of his penis when he jumps on the lucky lady in bed. Watch for his mushroom tip!

Nude Dudes in Roger Corman's Many Movies


Corman knew how to produce sci-fi and horror best of all. They fit his shlock bill perfectly. You will feel like a sorceress put a spell on you when you watch Bob Nelson butt naked. He has two nude scenes: one in which he climbs a pole which definitely gives me a couple of ideas. In another scene, he gets a massage with his ass in the air. If only I could rub those buns!

Nude Dudes in Roger Corman's Many Movies