Russell Tovey is one of the sexiest actors in Hollywood, and the fact that he plays for our team is just icing on his cakes! the British babe has a thick and sexy accent that perfectly complements his ripped jock bod, adorable face, and juicy booty. Speaking of juicy booties, we've created some GIFs of Russell's sexiest on-screen moments so you don't have to. 

On Looking Russell Tovey's character dated Jonathan Groff, and the duo delivered countless intimate and hot scenes. Take, for example, this one, in which Tovey playfully shakes his jiggly butt for Groff.


Or this scene, in which Groff passionately pounds out Tovey in the missionary position. So sweaty and yummy!


Tovey is also no stranger to the stage. For this production of Angels in America he stripped down on stage and once again gave audiences a look at Hollywood's most jiggly booty. 


And finally, on Years and Years, Tovey had a playful gay sex scene with fellow hottie Maxim Baldry!