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Birdwatchers (2008) Sexy, sexy, shirtless
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Sometimes the one and done Hollywood story definitely leaves you wanting to see more of the star who rose and decided not to keep acting and Pedro Abrisio da Silva is one of those hunks! Pedro took on a role in the 2008 Brazilian drama Birdwatchers, a movie about a tribe of indigenous peoples near the jungle, who are looking to settle back on their ancient tribal land.  The land that his ancestors owned is now occupied by wealthy landowners who pay the tribe to dress up, or lack there of "dress-up" that is, so that they can sell tickets to the tourists who come and see the "natives" in their own habitat, so to speak.  So they are not only having their land stolen from them, but they are also being ridiculed and exploited even further with humiliating ways.  Once a handful of tribe members decide that they've had enough of living on the reservation and taking peanuts from the white men who own their land, they decide to simply go back to their homeland and occupy it.  This of course leads to some seriously tense times between the indigenous peoples and the land owners.  This movie used entirely real-life members of the Brasilia Guaraní-Kaiowá tribe instead of actors and Pedro is one of them.  Lucky for us too, he makes his Nude-Comer debut in his only feature film credit to date, showing off his buns and some backsack when he goes skinny dipping with a girl.  Hopefully we get to see more of him in the future!