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Penis? Nope, Modesty Pouch: Close but no Cigar

Wait...is that his penis? No! It's a modesty pouch. These scenes are tempting us with the possibility of cock. You might even think you see a cock, but alas, these cocks are all covered. Watch modesty pouches from Dan Puck, Marlon Wayans, Mads Mikkelsen, Ryan Corr, Patrick Dempsey, Kai Alexander, and the hot gay sex scene in Special. Keep watching to see Brendan Fraser, Benjamin Foronda, the boys in Suburra: Blood on Rome, Richard Prioleau, Takenori Goto, Charlie Hunnam, James Frain, Kai Alexander, Terrence Stone, Rotimi, Amir Khoury, Ashley Springer, Anthony Mackie, Calum Worthy Jharrel Jerome, and Spencer Korcz undressing to give us a worthwhile pouch. These guys are being modest, but it's like they say: modest is hottest.  

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