There's something so exceptionally hot about seeing dudes casually hanging out with their wangs out, and that dynamic is no more apparent than in the erotic thriller A Bigger Splash. The flick is filled with casual nudity from both Ralph Fiennes and the super sexy hunk Matthias Schoenaerts. But one scene in particular makes a bigger splash in our pants. It all goes down when Ralph strips for some late light laps in the pool. Matthias is feeling a little stressed about Ralph's visit to the villa, so he quietly broods as Fiennes shows off his super fine bod. When he gets out of the pool we even get to see his fat swinging cock and balls! Anyone who has seen A Bigger Splash knows that things go south pretty quickly, but Ralph's confidence mixed with Matthias' uber casualness re: the dudity present here makes this one of those random clips that franky, IMHO, you must watch of the day. K?