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A Bigger Splash (2015)

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Golden-hued skin, saturated colors, stunning vistas, and an enviable moneyed lifestyle define the gorgeous erotic thriller, A Bigger Splash (2015). Set against the backdrop of the idyllic Italian island of Pantelleria, Splash is as much about beautiful people and the luxuries afforded by fame as it is about jealousy and murder. Marianne Lane (Tilda Swinton) is a rocker on hiatus due to a throat surgery. While recovering with her younger boyfriend Paul De Smedt (Matthias Schoenaerts), she’s unexpectedly joined by her ex lover and manager, Harry Hawkes (Ralph Fiennes). As if this doesn’t complicate the island getaway enough, Harry’s young and flirtatious supposed daughter Penelope Lanier (Dakota Johnson) joins in on the fun. The four languidly relax for days around the same villa, before jealously arises and a murder takes place.

If you’re more concentrated on the “erotic” than the “thriller,” you’re in luck! Director Luca Guadagnino delivers with the dudity in a big way, giving us multiple, clear frontal shots of the wild Harry as he skinny dips in the pool and runs around carefree and buck nude. Matthias’ character Paul is shirtless for a solid portion of Splash, and even starts out by flashing buns while sunning. The fair-haired hunk really makes a splash in our pants, however, when he gives up dong towards the end of the flick!  


Ralph Fiennes

Nude - as Harry Hawkes

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