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Phantasmagoria (2014)

Great Nudity!
  • Genres: Horror, Fantasy, Mystery
  • Directed by: Domiziano Cristopharo, Mickael Abbate, Tiziano Martella
  • Rated: NR
  • Theatrical Release: 09/20/2014
  • Country: France, Italy
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Top Scene


Today’s technology lets us stream bone-chilling creature features at all hours of the day and night. But back when people didn’t have the luxury of video on demand, there was a type of live entertainment that utilized a lighting device to project ghoulish images for a frightening effect. This form of horror theater was known as phantasmagoria and/or fantasmagoria. In the same vain, came the spooky movie Phantasmagoria (2014). Not to be confused with the American flick Phantasm (1979), this skinternational pic is a compilation of three freaky vignettes from three different writers and directors. Each employs unique storytelling to warp the audience’s perception of reality, just like the phantasmagoria did all of those years ago. Check out Mickael Abbate’s “Diabolique” with Maya Dolan, Michel Addams and Sophie Pâris; and Tiziano Martella’s “My Gift to You” starring Cristina Puccinelli, Donata Inghirami, and Venantino Venantini. Last but not least is Domiziano Cristopharo’s “Il Serpente Dalla Lingua D’acciaio” featuring the skin on Alberto Cattaneo and Vittorio Castellano. As a creepy innkeeper, Vittorio admires his naked T&A in the mirror. Did we mention he’s draped in black lingerie? Later, the nearly-nude lewd dude shows off his sheer stockings and garter belt as well as his pale balls and limp cock while lying on the floor. Not to be outdone, Alberto reveals every inch of his body, from his bare buns to his naked chest and all the rest including his sack and shaft. While watching him, we presume more than your spine will be tingling!