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Morituris (2011)

Great Nudity!

Top Scene


It’s out of the frying pan and into the fire in Morituris (2011), a crazy Italian horror flick. When two beautiful women meet a group of three guys the girls agree to join the guys at a rave party they are heading to. When they finally reach the remote location the girls realize there is no party, the guys brought them here to torture them. The women fight for their lives and escape, but in the process unleash a horde of zombie gladiators that try to kill them all.

There is plenty of skin to get you worked up here, but some of it might be a little disturbing. Francesco Malcom walks around in a room fully nude wearing only a gas mask. We get a great look at his body, butt, balls and dick. Unfortunately, he is also torturing a girl which makes it a little awkward. When two of the guys, Simone Ripanti and Giuseppe Nitti have sex with one of the girls they do so by firelight and we catch both guys shirtless. Andrea De Bruyn gives the ass lovers something to enjoy when he drops his pants and forces one of the girls to go down on him. We see most of it from behind with half his bare ass sticking out the top of his jeans. It's all pretty rough, but since it is a movie we know its fake so feel free to fondle away at these hot guys with no guilt!