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The Best Penis Scenes of 2021

We seem to claim each year that that year is the best one for male nudity. But 2021 really was the best year for male nudity! Especially when it comes to shockingly hot frontal shots. 2021 brought some of the best mainstream penis scenes of any year, and you can find the top of the cocks right here! The male stripper series All The Queen's Men didn't shy away from delivering fully nude male strippers. Peter Vack stole the show in 2021 with his amazing performance in PVT Chat. We see his cock throughout the flick, but it ends with Peter jerking his rock hard penis in bed for over a full minute. Yup. Only one man could possibly outdo Peter Vack, and that man is Jesse LaVercombe. In Violation he exposes his super and thick penis. In fact, it's so erect that you can actually see Jesse's penis throbbing with excitement. YUP. Adam Demos made headlines in 2021 when he exposed a foot-long penis in the viral Netflix series Sex/Life. It might be too good to be true, but until proven otherwise, that thing is all real. The Winter Soldier star Sebastian Stan finally revealed his Marvel-ous penis during a great full frontal scene in Monday. Full frontal... and fully shaved. Jonathan Rhys-Meyers brought back his nice Irish penis while walking across an abandoned hospital sans his hospital gown in Yakuza Princess. The bassist Flea went cock out during a live performance in the Woodstock 99 documentary, Nicholas Surges is extremely full frontal in the homoerotic artistic short Mummy Brown, blonde cutie Ben Hardy slipped us his cock in The Voyeurs, and Star Wars and Dune heartthrob Oscar Isaac finally let us peek his thick uncut penis in his acclaimed series Scenes From A Marriage. Twenty-twenty-one was twenty-twenty-hung!

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