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Monday (2021)

Great Nudity!

Top Scene


Let's say you go out to have a wild night on a Friday, get good and boozed up at a party, let some sparks fly between you and a lady and inevitably end up having an incredible one-night stand.  That sounds like a lovely little Friday to us, but at some point you're going to sober up and next thing you know, it's Monday and reality is starting to sneak back into your life a little bit.  For this pair of Americans in Greece, Chloe (Denise Gough) and Mickey (Sebastian Stan), their little weekend fling ends up turning into a series of hot and fun filled weekends, but also sobering Mondays as they navigate a tumultuous relationship that is fueled by an unbelievable sexual chemistry.  You could almost light a cigarette off of the flames burning between these two passionate and newfound lovers, but is their relationship doomed to fail as they both come crashing back to the real life problems after their sizzling weekends together?  Or can these crazy, sexy lovebirds make a go of it as ex-pats in paradise whose love language is seemingly having sex at every possible turn?  This indie flick brings in some serious skin from Sebastian Stan, who hangs a whopping 4 nude scenes, including going full frontal for the first time in his career!  That's right, his little Winter Soldier makes its first cameo in cinema history and that soldier is definitely worthy of a salute (or two!).  We also get a little pee-pee peeking out from Yorgos Pirpassopoulos in the shower, but it's the Sebastian Stan show in this hot little indie flick, including a fully naked moped police chase for the ages!