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Moffie (2020)

Great Nudity!

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Back in the early 1980s, South Africa wasn't really a beacon of racial acceptance and harmony.  It was the height of apartheid and the government did everything they could to keep any "minority" down, native South Africans, Angolans, homosexuals, and anyone who was somewhat different were regularly beaten or killed.  For the young 18 year old, Nicholas (Kai Luke Brummer), he is at the right age for his mandatory conscription into the South African Army and their conflict at the border of Angola with the Soviets and the "black danger" within it's borders, or so the minority government instilled in the youth forced to join the military.  The only problem for Nicholas is that he has never felt comfortable in his own skin and has always had feelings toward the other boys in school.  So his best chance of survival in an army that thinks homosexuality is something that needs to be beaten out of these young men sif ro him to stay invisible to everyone else.  That is hard for him to do when another recruit, Stassen (Ryan de Villiers) and him begin to realize they are more than just friends in a foxhole together.  The secret of their affection towards one another is more dangerous than any border conflict they could be put in!  Along the way, we get plenty of military buns in this tear jerker, including both the leads as well as Matthew Vey and Stefan Vermaak, just to name a few Nude-Comers.  There are three, count them, three group shower scenes for your viewing pleasure in this one and a shirtless volleyball scene that'll rival Top Gun's!