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The Hottest Nudecomers of 2023

You've seen our list of the hottest nude debuts of 2023, but what about the nudecomers? What's the difference, you ask? Nude debuts are the first nude scenes from established actors - this year we had Glen Powell and Jon Hamm dropping trou for the first time, to name a few of the famous fellas. Nudecomers, on the other hand, are unknown actors whose breakout roles (at least here at Mr. Man) include nudity. Take for example David Tomlinson, who showed his penis after getting bred by Matt Bomer in arguably the year's best title, Fellow Travelers! Jack Armstrong is officially the object of thousands of gay men's desires thanks to his stunning full-frontal nudity during a shower scene in the British series Patterns. Diego Escobar showed his fat cock and balls in the season two premiere of Minx, Lee Kunz gave us a look at his stunning daddy body complete with a big cock in Deliver Us, and so much more. These boys are officially on the map. The map of fap!

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