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Fellow Travelers (2023)

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Showtime's sweeping historical romance series Fellow Travelers features not only some of the best gay sex scenes of the 2020s, but some of the best gay sex scenes ever filmed. We know we said that a lot in the year that Fellow Travelers was released, 2023, but we cannot tell a lie. Hollywood definitely got the memo on gay sex. Fellow Travelers stars real-life A-list gay celebrities Matt Bomer and Jonathan Bailey as a closeted gay couple whose love spans decades. We follow the pair through the Red Scare in the 50s, The Vietnam War in the 70s, the 80s AIDS epidemic, and other life-changing historical events. Think Forrest Gump... but gay...er. Hawk (Bomer) and Tim (Bailey) meet in 1953 while working for the government in Washington D.C. Their love blossoms into something that threatens to reveal their sexuality to a world far from accepting of gay people. You're probably here because you want to fast-forward to the best parts, and we've got you covered. Boy, do we. Matt Bomer is a dom top in Fellow Travelers, and aggressively fucks actor David Tomlinson from behind while doing it doggie style. The sweaty Bomer even slaps Tomlinson's ass before coming inside of him. Then Matt throws David off of his dick. The scene somehow gets even better when Tomlinson flashes the camera his cock! But what about Jonathan Bailey, you ask? Bomer covers Bailey's mouth with his hand while jerking him off. Matt asks "Who's my boy?" as he works his fist up and down Bailey's hairy cock, until Bailey finally cums on himself. That's not all. Bomer also fucks Bailey's ass as Bailey holds onto the bedpost for dear life. We might not see that Matt Bomer penis here like we do in The Boys In The Band, but Fellow Travelers still marks his best nudity to date. Helloooooo Fellows!