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Florida Man

Florida Man (2023)

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Florida Man is a crime comedy series from Netflix starring Edgar Ramírez as a recovering gambling addict who has gotten involved with the mafia. His character, Mike, is indebted to the crime boss Moss, played by Emory Cohen. But Moss might just regret the latest mission he sends Mike on. Moss' girlfriend Delly flees after the two of them get into a fight, and Moss send Mike to get her. However we discover when the two have a moment alone that Mike and Delly are attracted to one another. Delly slips past Mike again - this time fleeing from her crime boss boyfriend all of the way to Florida, where she just so happens to take up refuge in Mike's home town. Mike pursues Delly, bringing him face to face with all of the characters from his checkered past. Edgar Ramírez is a total cutie and we are loving his hairy chest, which we can see in two different steamy scenes! Do we like this series? Flori-duh!