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Seth MacFarlane: crooner, actor, cartoonist, writer, director, and massive Trekkie? Yes, it ends up that while raunchy jokes and wildly inappropriate pop culture quips are what made him famous, Seth was obsessed with the politically progressive, sci-fi adventure show while growing up. Since his crude jokes would never work in that universe, in 2017 MacFarlane decided to create his own sci-fi world by writing and starring in Fox's The Orville. 400 years into the future, Seth is Captain Ed Mercer, a former bigshot turned middle aged drunk stuck leading the USS Orville and dealing with his ex-wife (Adrianne Palicki) who boned an alien behind his back and dumped Ed but remains a member of his crew. Other crewmates include the misogynistic alien from a militaristic, warrior race Commander Bortus (Peter Macon), the badass alien babe of a security chief Alara (Halston Sage), the robot science officer Isaac (Mark Jackson), and the DNA altering doctor, Claire Finn (Penny Johnson Jerald). Mixing charting unique planets for the "Planetary Union" with goofy gags like having to visit Bortus' home planet so he can pee, which his race does just once a year, the show ran for three seasons, though it switched from Fox to Hulu for the third. The future is bright if guys like this are keeping you up all night! The sexy Seth MacFarlane makes space travel look spunky when he lies in bed shirtless with Charlize Theron. He's a sci-fi cutie pie, so we won't question if he could pull the South African bombshell, we'll just enjoy the view! While Mr. Man's been fappin to that cap'n, if you prefer your men more muscular, J. Lee shows his cut abs, big chest and giant delts when Seth accidentally cockblocks him but makes sure to take off before really ruining the moment. Beam me up Scotty? Nah, just cream me up, hottie! But if you want to get really weird. Not "normal guy painted green" weird, but really bizarre, get a load of Andy Milder's alien ass. He's playing an ET who says his race is allowed to work totally naked, which causes everyone all sorts of discomfort. But he's not a human looking alien, he's a full-on black lagoon looking monster-man. Mr. Man is uncomfortable with how hard that gilled creature is making him! Whether you're a sci-fi lover or just a huge Seth MacFarlane fan, The Orville will take you to bonerville!