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Love Island (2015)

Brief Nudity

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While we try to remain objective here at Mr. Man, we feel safe in saying that Love Island is the greatest British reality show of all time. The series is like Big Brother on Viagra, and follows a handful of gorgeous hunks and a handful of beautiful women as they must couple up, and then either remain loyal to their island lover, or defect for the new hot pieces that are periodically paraded in. A number of other challenges, as well as countless snogging sessions, will decide the winner. We're all winners when it comes to the fact that the insanely sexy boys rarely - if ever - put on shirts! The real magic happens when season one hottie Joshua Ritchie presses his bubble butt against the glass for all the housemates to see. Also, the sexy and goofy Omar Sultani tries to woo his bird by going on a dinner date in just an apron, leading to countless looks at his exposed derrière. What's not to Love?


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