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Drifters (2013-2016)

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Sometimes dubbed a female Inbetweeners, the British sitcom Drifters tackles territory many people have found themselves in. After graduating from college Meg (Jessica Knappett) moves into a place with her cousin Bunny (Lydia Rose Bewley) and their friend Laura (Laurent O’Rourke). They intend to continue living like college kids, partying and having endless fun, but soon life hits them hard as they realize they have to hold jobs, pay bills, and start serious relationships with other people. Written by the show's star Jessica Knappett, for four seasons starting in 2013 E4 viewers watched these lovely Leeds ladies struggle with adulting, while ending up in all sorts of very adult situations. We’d like to film an adult movie with the delicious dudes of Drifters! Super hottie Harry Michell strips down for season 4, episode 2, when he appears shirtless in bed canoodling with a cutie. Looks like that fella fulfilled some needs of a lucky lady from Leeds! The alluring Alex Reid shows some skin in season 4, episode 3. Mr. Reid reveals a ravishing rump when he hikes up his kimono to get his butt shaved! No stubble! Great bubble! That ass is truly the best Mr. Man can get! At another point in the show, Brett Goldstein is banging some lady, when a woman hiding in the closet falls directly onto his bare ass. Mr. Man came out of the closet a long time ago, but he'll get back in there if he can do the same! Last but not least, the tasty Tom Lorcan gets shirtless and sexy in season 4, episode 4. Tom loses his shirt to bang a gorgeous ginger behind the curtain at a school reunion. The curtain gets pulled down and the whole audience gets an eyeful of Tom giving it the lucky lady. That’s one reunion you wouldn’t want to miss! Becoming a grown-up is hard, but it lets you play with some hard bodied dudes getting hard for our pleasure. At least, that's what we got out of Drifters, if you catch our drift!