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I'm a Virgo

I'm a Virgo (2023)

Brief Nudity

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Boots Riley is at it again. The hypercreative mastermind behind 2018's seminal Sorry To Bother You is back and better than ever with his critically acclaimed Amazon Prime series I'm A Virgo. So what is I'm A Virgo about? You wouldn't believe us if we told you, but we're going to tell you, so, you know, believe what you will. I'm A Virgo is a surrealistic coming of age story centered on a thirteen foot tall teenager nicknamed Cootie, played by a dedicated Jharrel Jerome. Cootie's loving but overprotective parents keep him locked away for fear that the world will ridicule his height. However we're present as Cootie bypasses his parents and does indeed step out into the real world. Through his eyes we're privy to what's wrong with America including how Black people are mistreated in a Forest Gump-like mad dash across California. But Cootie perseveres, and it is through comedy that we see how beautiful life can be against all odds. In addition to being a social commentary, I'm A Virgo takes pleasure in the unique subject matter of a thirteen foot tall teen. A lot of our questions are answers, namely, how does Cootie have sex? Another q: How juicy is that ass? Turns out... very! We see Jharrel Jerome nude in a number of scenes, including when he is face down and ass up in bed in front of a cult inspired by Steve Jobs. Craig Tate shows his distant ass and so does Earl Lee White during a naked fight. The show might be called I'm A Virgo, but I'm A Horny!