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The Lake

The Lake (2022-2023)

Brief Nudity

Top Scene


Justin (Jordan Gavaris) has been living abroad for quite some time, but now he is back in the states and looking to rebuild some relationships.  Most importantly, the daughter that he put up for adoption when he was younger and foolishly got a girl pregnant when he was still in the closet.  The 30 something Justin is now out and proud and his biological daughter is supportive of building their relationship, but as they connect at The Lake, where he now deceased father had a family cottage, he soon learns dear old dad left it to his step-sister instead.  Now Justin has to work with Maisy-May (Julia Stiles) to make sure that they can keep their relationship from tipping over like a canoe while new budding relationships, a wicked stepmother, and a curious teenage daughter all put as much strain as possible on both of them over the summer!  Lucky for us too, there is no shortage of shirtless guys spending time at the like, including the always funny and sexy Jerry O'Connell, father/son lifeguard tandem and friendly neighbors Terry Chen and Jared Scott, as well as Justin's new love interest Riley (Travis Nelson).