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Russian Doll

Russian Doll (2019-2022)

Brief Nudity


Groudhog Day (1993) is, well, Groundhog Day. Edge of Tomorrow (2014) is sci-fi war Groundhog DayHappy Death Day (2017) is slasher Groundhog Day. And Palm Beach (2019) is rom-com Groundhog Day. So, what's that make Netflix's critically beloved time loop series Russian Doll? Well, it's sort of midlife crisis Groundhog Day. See, Natasha Lyonne plays Nadia, a New York woman celebrating her 36th birthday at a party her friend Maxine (Greta Lee) is throwing her. Nadia's not all that excited about it, which makes it such a bummer that she ends up in a timeloop reliving this day over and over again. She always ends up dying, usually in the bathroom, but one time manages to make it into an elevator. There, she meets a man named Alan (Charlie Barnett) who's not all that concerned when the elevator starts plummeting to the ground. Why? Well, he's in the same timeloop that kills him every day. Soon enough, he'll team with Nadia to try and break the loop. Season two abandoned the timeloop formula for a time travel plot where Nadia jumps into her mom's body back in 1982 and decides to make sure the family ends up rich. If Mr. Man had to live the same day over and over again, he'd hope it was a day he spent with someone as gorgeous as Sharlto Copley. You might remember the South African sex machine as Wikus in District 9 (2009), but he sure was looking fine on this show. As an 80's babe, he lies in bed shirtless with a very macho rug of chest hair covering his pecs. But don't rush to that Russian Doll clip just yet! Nyet! Because meanwhile, Charlie Barnett appears to be spending his time in the timeloop getting super jacked, since he is absolutely shredded when he lifts weights and does shirtless pushups. We even see his absolute dump truck of an ass when he's lying on his belly in bed, naked! If only he'd unpeeled even more layers in Russian Doll!