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Mare of Easttown

Mare of Easttown (2021)

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Mare Sheehan (Kate Winslet) is a living legend in her small hometown in Pennsylvania.  You see back when she was just a high school basketball star, she hit the game winning shot heard all around their humble burg, turning her into a "big deal" over night.  Flash forward a few decades later and Mare of Easttown aka "Lady Hawk" to the locals is no longer a superstar sports hero, instead she's the town's lone detective.  While she's still beloved for the one defining moment in her life, she is also resentful of her nickname and local hero status as it overshadows her actual work as a pretty much the lone crime fighter in her rundown town.  We are also introduced to Erin McMenamin (Cailee Spaeny), who is a teenage mom with a contentious relationship with her baby daddy, his new girlfriend, a mysterious "boyfriend" she is texting XOXO's to, AND a violent drunk father.  After Mare gets drunk at the local watering hole and meets a writer named Richard (Guy Pearce), who she takes home for a steamy one-night stand but the next morning she wakes up to a call that Erin has been murdered and her body was ditched in a creek bed just outside of town.  As we soon find out, Erin's murder is not the only young girl in town to meet a grim fate and Mare is now tasked with hunting down a killer while trying to keep her own life together in this new series from HBO.  Lucky for us too, they cast Guy Pearce as the hook-up hottie for the legendary Kate Winslet in this one and he's still so insanely sexy on the other side of 50 that we'd probably take him home from the bar too!  He looks incredible in that shirtless scene in Episode 1!