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Cruel Summer

Cruel Summer (2021-2023)

No Nudity

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Cruel Summer is a deliciously twisted teen series that is bound to be your new favorite guilty pleasure. Keep that word "bound" in your mind, because it is going to come into play here in a minute. Cruel Summer takes places in the 90s and is about a pretty, popular Texas girl naked Kate who is abducted by her school's vice principal. That's not putting the 'pal' in principal, sir. That's crazy enough, but here's the real kicker: while away, an outcast named Jeanette begins to take over Kate's life, Single White Female style. When Kate returns from being abducted, she concludes that Jeanette knew she was kidnapped by the vice principal all along, but neglected to tell anyone because Jeanette was enjoying Kate's life too much. Crazy kids. So back to "bound." Griffin Gluck give us some surprising BDSM action when he is tied up shirtless by two girls who just want information out of him. Come on ladies, you know you want to Gluck him.