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Billions (2016-2023)

Brief Nudity

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While there are billions of reasons to love the provocative Showtime drama Billions, we can think of three right off the bat – the beautifulcock and balls we get to see from Damian Lewis’ body double! That fine piece of ass dominates the world of finance in Billions, a seven-season long show that kicked off in 2016. Cowritten by CNBC financial analyst Andrew Ross Sorkin, the series explores the high stakes world of finance for the richest of the rich in New York City. Award season favorite Paul Giamatti plays Chuck Rhoades, a U.S. Attorney hell bent on taking down manipulative hedge fund hottie Bobby "Axe" Axelrod (Damian Lewis). Axe first made his mark in NYC when he was the only member of his firm to survive 9/11, and even shorted airline stock in the middle of the attack! But since he's been smart enough to donate his money to widows and first responders, the public thinks he's a good guy. Plus, Chuck's wife (Maggie Siff) works as a life coach for Bobby's company Axe Capital, which makes things personal between the two heavyweights. As you can probably guess, billions of dollars are involved in this battle of wits. But since we're more into big cocks than stocks, we were just happy to see that some of our finance bros were willing to do some showing. We’re feeling especially flush after a sexy scene that shows Damian Lewis diving into a pool completely nude! While unfortunately it's a body double, our imaginations have never had trouble running wild. Thanks to the magic of Skin Vision we get a great look at the sexy submerged soaker in slo mo! We'd love to get our hands on that axe handle, no matter who it belongs to! But plenty of fellas got naked for real. While we enjoyed the kinky sex stuff that let us see Paul Giamatti shirtless and suspended from a sex swing, as well as the martial arts movie star Frank Grillo all oiled up and muscular, you can't beat Jeffrey DeMunn stripping naked and flashing his dick as a total power movie during a standoff with some suit. We'd like to do some naked bonding with that stocks and bonds salesman! David Costabile shows his buns while sleeping on his belly, while Daniel Cosgrove donned his birthday suit while going for a naked swim in his pool. We only see ass, but that's cool! Billions will have you dreaming of going balls deep into Wall Street!