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Social Distance

Social Distance (2020)

No Nudity


Social Distance (2020) is the epitome of the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic in a single hilarious and touching show. The entire television series was shot through socially distanced isolation in this anthology series that will remind you of all of your own Facetime calls and Zoom meetings. Different stories are told in this series where every episode explores different ways that people are trying to stay connected when no one can actually gather in person without risking the spread of infection. A lot of famous people, comedians, and actors play characters all looking to connect via our strange and isolated internet options. Luckily, some of these actors aren't very distanced at all. Peter Vack, Max Jenkins, and Brian Jordan Alvarez meet up for a threesome. Peter and Max start going at it on the couch, taking off their shirts as Brian nervously watches. Peter and Max pause to beckon Brian over. Brian finally takes off his polo shirt and goes shirtless like his new lovers. The three of them all then touch each other on the couch, caressing and kissing to get their engines revved up. This sexy gay fun gets put to a stop when Brian's anxiety over it takes over. He interrupts the fun with some conversation. Brian, come on! Peter and Max still hold each other as they shirtlessly listen to everything he has to say. These are the perils of hooking up during the coronavirus pandemic! We're glad that these guys unmasked their chests at least.