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Is this real life? Theo Gontrand is one of our favorite male models, and he has posed for some of the most exclusive brands and magazines in the world. This stud has got it going on dot com! Let's break it down. He has an insanely sexy face that's equal parts cute and devastatingly handsome. He has sexy ever-present scruff. He has a ripped body complete with defined pecs and arms and a flat as hell stomach. And he has a sweet firm and muscular ass. And those thighs. And most importantly - a big mouth-watering bulge that we can't take our eyes off of. Where... were we? Oh yes. We're writing Theo's bio! He's Latino and has over 30K followers on Instagram. He stands at an absolutely perfect 6' tall and knows how to work the camera like no one we've ever seen. But don't think for a second that Theo is just a model. This man's talents can't be defined by one industry! We're so glad that he joined the cast of the second season of the hit Netflix series Emily in Paris. There's a fantastic scene in the second season that delivers tons of dudes in Speedos on a boat. Seamen, if you will. Theo wears a super tiny red and white Speedo that flaunts his really awesome bulge! Looks like his dick is tucked upwards. We like that in a man. Plus this scene gives us an amazing opportunity to check out that amazing body. He'll give you The-O face!