Drag Race legend Mayhem Miller just did something better than snatching the crown on Drag Race. She snatched her pants right off on Instagram and exposed her butt and balls in the shower! Mayhem Miller was a contestant on the current season of Drag Race All-Stars, where she sadly didn't make it very far in the competition. 


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But Mayhem has found a way to steal the headlines away from the remaining queens. And that way, my friends, involves testicles. Yes we can see Mayhem's beefy bod complete with thunderously sexy thighs, and yes we can see her gloriously squeezable ass, but really, this nude shower picture is all about the ball slip.

And oh what a ball slip it is. While Mayhem Miller's Instagram nudity is more than enough sexiness for a random Tuesday, if you want more Drag Race nudity you can hit the playlist below. Talk about ball culture!