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The list of the ten most popular nude celebrities on our site changes continuously, and we definitely recommend checking it out since it's fascinating to see what fellow nudity enthusiasts are into at any given moment. The list can be found at the bottom of the Mr. Man homepage. So why am I writing about the list right now? Because the lineup of trending stars is particularly stacked! Don't believe me? Ask the bitches...

Glen Powell Nude In Anyone But You

glen Powell is poised for a Hollywood takeover. Following his breakout role in Top Gun: Maverick he is securing his leading man title with the upcoming romantic comedy Anyone But You. As if his ambitions weren't clear enough, Powell actually went nude in the trailer for Anyone But You. He has a big fat ass that just screams star material.

Lukas Gage Jerk Off Scene In Down Low

Lukas Gage is in the news because he ended his blink and you'll miss it marriage to Chris Appleton. Plus he stars in the gay comedy Down Low (which he also wrote), where he has the pleasure of jerking off Zachary Quinto.

Matt Rife Sexiest Scene

Stand-up comedian Matt Rife is in hot water yet again for comments he made during one of his performances. He's a total THOT, so naturally people want to see Matt Rife nude on Mr. Man. However, they won't, as he has only teased his bod but never actually delivered the goods.

Jacob Elordi Nude In Euphoria

Jacob Elordi is simply everywhere these days. While Powell is destined to be the next blockbuster actor, Elordi is positioning himself to be the next indie heartthrob, with his roles in Priscilla and Saltburn.

Timothée Chalamet Jerk Off Scene

Timothée Chalamet went viral for his portrayal of Troye Sivan on Saturday Night Live, which came just in time for his Willy Wolka press tour. We'll always love him for that Timothée Chalamet jerk-off scene in Call Me By Your Name. Never forget.

Tom Holland Nude Scene

And finally, unsurprisingly, Spider-Man himself, Tom Holland, is the number one most searched nude celebrity right now. He's in between projects, but the world seems to have an insatiable appetite for all things Tom Holland nude.

Top Ten Most Popular Nude Celebs (#10-1)