Did you know that despite his iconic anatomy, Jon Hamm didn't get naked on screen prior to 2023? We all might be familiar with his Hammaconda, thanks to his no-underwear-in-public rule. Still, it wasn’t until the season two opener of the British Amazon Prime crossover series Good Omens that Jon actually stripped down on camera. We thought that was it, however later in 2023 he changed the damn game when he got naked yet again, in Fargo!

Jon Hamm Nude Scene In Fargo

Of course we do not get that Jon Hamm penis in Fargo. If that was the case, we would not be here to write this post, as we would be in cardiac arrest. Instead he flaunts his juicy daddy ass while chatting up detectives from a hot tub. We're even a little into these fake pierced nipples. Basically, whatever Jon Hamm serves, we devour, and we don't ask any questions.

Jon Hamm Nude Multiple Times In One Year: We Like This Direction!Jon Hamm Nude Multiple Times In One Year: We Like This Direction!

Jon Hamm Nude Scene In Good Omens

Good Omen is a comedy series about representatives of Heaven and Hell on Earth - an angel played by Michael Sheen and a demon played by David Tennant, respectively - who love their lives and scheme to prevent the upcoming apocalypse so they can continue to vibe on Earth. Their lives are upended in season two when the angel Gabriel (Jon Hamm, looking heavenly indeed!) shows up on Michael Sheen’s doorstep in SoHo oblivious to the fact that he’s completely nude.

While Hamm is carrying around his big package, it’s not what you think. His most famous parts remain strategically covered by a large cardboard box. But ass men will appreciate the fact that we get multiple opportunities to appreciate his sexy daddy ass. Hamm even gives it a little shake while hugging Sheen. And there you have it. Jon Hamm nude at fifty-two years old. Who nude?