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Man, why is it that when a bi-curious character decides he needs to “experiment” it’s with a woman?  Our hands are up in the air.  Yes, both of them.  It’s really frustrating.  Admittedly, we may be somewhat to blame in that we decided watch Andrew Rannells’s performance in a movie titled Girls ... but still. Okay okay, if we wanted more male-tail, we should have set our compasses toward a movie titled something like "Boys".  But we were excited! Listen,  Rannells little rump looks like a plump balloon, but it’s over so quickly we’re left deflated.  Which isn’t fun.  It isn’t fun at all!  Get on the ball here, Andrew! You’re young, we still got plenty of time!

Top Scenes

Girls (2012-2017) Sexy, underwear Ep. 04x06 | 00:01:37 Andrew gets a tongue lashing as he enters the kitchen in his undies.
Girls (2012-2017) Sexy, underwear Ep. 04x06 | 00:21:25 Andrew lounges in bed in his underwear.
Girls (2012-2017) Sexy, bulge, shirtless, underwear Ep. 05x01 | 00:06:20 The boys of Girls give us a look at their hard hairy bods in the season 5 premier episode. Way to start things off with a bang!
Girls (2012-2017) Sexy, shirtless, underwear Ep. 05x02 The openly gay Andrew Rannells walks to the kitchen table in just some adorable boxers. He then hugs a lucky Lena.
Girls (2012-2017) Sexy, gay Ep. 05x04 | 00:19:30 Andrew Rannells and Corey Stoll share a smooch in Times Square to some sick tunes.
Girls (2012-2017) Nude, gay, shirtless, butt Ep. 05x04 | 00:22:02 Andrew Rannells obediently F*cks a horny Corey Stoll. Who cares about Girls when you have these hot boys?
Girls (2012-2017) Sexy, gay, shirtless, underwear Ep. 05x07 | 00:20:57 Corey Stoll falls asleep before giving a shirtless and adorable Andrew Rannells a blowjob. We'd never let you down while going down, Andy!
Girls (2012-2017) Nude, butt Ep. 06x02 | 00:02:55 Andrew Rannells lets his ass hang out from under his shirt!

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Girls (2012-2017) - as Elijah Krantz

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