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Bangkok Breaking

Bangkok Breaking (2021)

No Nudity
  • Genres: Crime
  • Created by: Kongkiat Khomsiri
  • Rated: TV-MA
  • Network: Netflix
  • Country: Thailand
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Bangkok Breaking (2021) is a TV series from Thailand and from creator Rehan Milk that takes place in - where else? - Bangkok, Thailand. Wanchai has just arrived in the big city of Bangkok where he joins a road rescue service for work in order to send money home to his impoverished family. While working with the crew, he starts to learn that not everything is what it seems. There might just be a city-wide conspiracy that he is getting hints of. With the help of a curious, hardworking, and unstoppable journalist, he starts to bring attention to what might be happening in Bangkok and, more importantly, why. This is an action-packed crime procedural filled with secrets, lies, discovery, and fighting - lots of fighting! This character-driven action drama shows us how far people will go to protect the people they love and to search for justice and truth. How does that sound? Cool? We thought so. Buff and sexy actor Sukollawat Kanarot plays Wanchai, the leading man, and he is really foxy. In one scene, he is shirtless and just wearing his belted blue jeans as he bends forward and works on a car. His six-pack abs and chiseled pecs are sure to get your engine revving. Check out his golden skin that is absolutely glistening in the sunlight. He is barely breaking a sweat, but you might start sweating and salivating when you check out this absolute hunk. Bangkok Breaking news: Sukollawat is so hot. In fact, we want to suck Sukollawat!