Two of the sexiest openly gay actors in Hollywood played lovers on Looking - where they were looking like two damn snacks in their sizzling gay sex scenes! Check out the hottest nudity from Jonathan Groff and Russell Tovey and decide who wins this Battle of the Bulge. 

Jonathan Groff is trending these days thanks to his stellar performance in Hamilton in Disney+, but we remember when he showed his penis and balls in Twelve Thirty in 2010. After that he went on to film almost too many sexy scenes to count on the cult hit HBO series Looking, where he has insanely realistic gay sex with Russell Tovey.

And speaking of Tovey, this British babe shook his plump juicy butt cheeks on Looking, in addition to bottoming for Groff. He also let his butt hang out from under his shirt in The Job Lot, went nude live on stage in National Theatre Live: Angels in America, and put the "ass" in The Pass - a 2018 artistic gay sports drama. Hit the Twitter poll to vote for which living gay instiNUDEtion wins this Battle of the Bulge!