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Coco Le Martiniquaishas a name like a showgirl! With his erotic and exotic-sounding name, it's no wonderthat he truly is all that and more. The sexy, fit guy only has one film under his belt and nearly nothing is known about him outside of this film, but the film is so lauded and controversial that he has cemented his sexy name in history. He plays a dancing prisoner in the short flick Un Chant D'Amour. This is the only film from prominent writer Jean Genet and it was so salacious when it was released in 1950 that the 26-minute short film was widely banned. And this is in France! It was too sexy even for France at the time. How about that? That's because it dealt with heavy homosexual themes and pretty blatantly homoerotic scenes. The story takes place in a prison where two male prisoners long to touch and get affection from one another. A voyeuristic guard peeps on them and violently disrupts their fantasies. He also watches the other prisoners in their cells including Coco Le Martiniquais who dances in his cell shirtless. He even puts a hand on his bulge to further entice us! His pants are unzipped right at the crotch. to show him play with his own penis. His cock looks huge, but this scene is also poorly lit so we just barely see it. Still, he's pretty blatantly swinging his dick around! At least he's on beat as you beat off.