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Dennis Flanagan is an actor, writer, and all-around hunky man. He is bald and beautiful with a buff bod that makes him a total beefcake. He has starred in Banshee, Ozark, The Deuce, FBI, Big Dogs, Blue Bloods, The Blacklist, Altered Minds, Person of Interest, Chicago Justice, Blindspot, and so many more. He made his acting debut in 2004 when he played a flashback version of Dan in an episode of Charmed. From there he starred in Pray for Morning in 2006 as Dylan. He gets shirtless in American Rust as Karl and, dear lord, is he ripped. Like truly - he is RIPPED! It should be shouted from the mountain tops how chiseled and sexy he is. He looks like his six-pack (or is that even an 8-pack?!) abs were molded by a famous sculptor out of the world's purest and most expensive marble. His pecs are flawless. His shoulders are strong. His biceps are big, firm, and perfect. He isn't TOO big where he looks intimidating, but he definitely could kick ass and defend your honor if need be. Defend away, Dennis! Dennis Flanagan is the kind of guy we want in our corner, or better yet, in our bed. He is not doing much in this scene beyond talking to some guys while he doesn't have a shirt on. Hey, Dennis Flanagan can talk or not talk all he wants as long as his clothes stay OFF. Take off the pants next and we will be fans for life.