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Everett Rodd makes movies that typically go straight to video, pay per view, or are shown on cable late at night. These kinds of Skinema flicks are more interested in nudity and eroticism than story – just how we like them. Everett is the kind of guy who gives it his all in these movies, including flesh.

Everett will light a fire on your wick in The Exotic House of Wax (1997) where we find him making out with a woman in a bedroom. As the clothes come off Everett’s squeezable man mounds are in full view. That same year Everett took his bush through time and space in The Exotic Time Machine (1997) where he has a scene that has him stripping naked to have sex. The camera zooms in on his round rump then spins around and gives us a quick glance at his pubes. We finally get to see his otherworldly pants hammer in Femalien (1996) where he is put under a spell by a female alien and forced to have sex with her. He strips naked then as she turns him around we see that he is packing a space destroyer between his legs.

Everett and his rod are still going strong and making movies so I don’t think we have seen the last of his naughty parts.