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Flavio Medina

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Keywords: Brief Nudity, Latino / hispanic, Black Hair

Birthplace: Ciudad de México, MX

Date of Birth: 04/19/78

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What's your favorite flavor? Is it Flavio Medina. It should be because this Mexican actor is definitely tasty. Drooling over Flavio Medina is guaranteed when you lay eyes on this snack. He's a tall drink of water who hails from Ciudad de Mexico (that's Mexico City, duh). We hope you're thirsty because the thirst will be very real when you check out Flavio. Flavio has olive-toned skin, dark hair, and a gruff but lovable look. He's sort of a total package with his talent and his super DILF-y look. He has a dad bod and versatile talent that lends itself to drama, comedy, action, and anything in between. He began his career in 2005 when he starred in the telenovela Mujer, casos de la vida real. After that, he starred in the TV shows Alma de hierro, Para volver a amar, El Equipo, La Reina del Sur, The Recluse, I Don't Trust Men Anymore, Yago,  and Valiant Love. He has also appeared in the feature films The Perfect Dictatorship, The Obscure Spring, The Inhabitant, Fashion Models, The Good Girls, yo so much mas. He finally makes his amazing nude debut in the Netflix original series Everything Will Be Fine when he assures us that everything will be fine after we get to see his ass. He is butt-naked in the background of a scene and it is blurry at first. But it comes into focus and we have the opportunity to see Medina's seat meat before he pulls up his underwear.