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Hot Bot (2016)

Brief Nudity

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We cannot tell a lie, the plot to Hot Bot (2016) is not on the same level as a movie like Citizen Kane. It’s better! Two hopelessly geeky teenage boys are in for a pleasant surprise when they come across a gorgeous sex robot. See, the title gets its name from said robot, because she is hot, and she’s a bot. While the boys revel in their discovery, some people aren’t so keen on her giving up her valuable circuitry to these randos. Speaking of parts, you’ll give yours a workout after you see all the man skin in Hot Bot! First, head to the 9 minute mark where Larry Miller shows some killer cans as he walks around a room while having a convo on the telephone. Then check out a shirtless Doug Haley at the 20 minute mark as he gets ready to boink the bot. who is hot. 


Doug Haley

Sexy - as Limus Huffington

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Larry Miller

Nude - as Senator Biter

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