Jake Gyllenhaal Just Showed Off The Goods Again

Does Jake Gyllenhaal get naked in his new AppleTV+ miniseries Presumed Innocent? Yes! We presume that Jake is not so innocent, thanks to the many nude scenes that he has delivered over the years - including his swinging shower cock. Once a big screen star, these days Jake does most of his work on television, which means that fans have the luxury of appreciating him from the cumfort of their own homes.

In this post we're delivering Jake Gyllenhaal nude in Presumed Innocent, as well as the best Jake Gyllenhaal nude scenes to date... including frontal. Yup, it's that kind of day! First, what is Presumed Innocent about? It's based on a book of the same name that was originally adapted for the screen in 1990, in a movie starring Harrison Ford in Jake's role. They play Rusty Sabich - a Chicago lawyer accused of murder when a prosecuting attorney is found dead. The fact that Rusty had an affair with this woman only complicates the matter for ol' Thrusty Rusty.

Jake Gyllenhaal Nude Sex Scene In Presumed Innocent

In the first episode of Presumed Innocent, Rusty reflects on his affair with Carolyn Polhemus (portrayed in the 2024 miniseries by Renate Reinsve). This darkly-scored sex montage brings sex, blowjobs, and all of the other good stuff, plus a brief but satisfying look at Jake's ageless glutes. His black Pair Of Thieves branded boxer briefs are conveniently pulled down just below his cheeks during a sex scene.

Jake Gyllenhaal Just Showed Off The Goods Again

Jake Gyllenhaal's Greatest Hits

Gyllenhaal is a man with much to offer under his clothes. We're supplementing his Presumed Innocent scene with his nudity in Love And Other Drugs, Brokeback Mountain, Velvet Buzzsaw, and Jarhead, where he even saunters into the men's shower with his cock swinging all around for the whole world to see. We presume you'll need a Kleenex.