K.J. Apa isn't one for keeping his bawdy in the dark, but he's really outdoing himself recently with tons of great shirtless updates on Instagram. The twenty-three-year-old Riverdale starlet has one of the most shredded bods in the business, and whether he's flaunting his hard work at the gym on Riverdale or taking to the 'Gram, we just can't get enough of what this gorgeous man has to offer. 


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your local pool boy is ready for hire

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Recently Apa posted a poolside portrait in which his abs look ABSoluntely freaking unreal! What does one even do to procure such abs? If it's more than 5 situps a day I'm unfortunately out, but if not, color me curious. What makes this picture especially sexy is the caption. Apa declares "your local pool boy is ready for hire," which really got my imagination going. A) It's nice to think of a world in which I have a pool and B) it's really nice to think of a world in which I can dial up K.J. Apa and have him come over to clean out my pipes. Wait, that sounded wrong. But if it's wrong... whydoesitfeelsoright.


Believe it or not this pool pic isn't the only K.J. Apa shirtless news we have to get to today. He outdid even himself by reposting a workout video taken by his trainer. It gives us a truly mesmerizing look at Apa's muscular back. It's not too often that we think about a man's back, but not, frankly, it's all we can think about. His back looks like a pillowcase filled with rocks of various sizes and we stan! Check out the hotness here, as well as Apa's bulge-tacular wrestling scene from Riverdale.