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Maska (2020)

Brief Nudity

Top Scene


Maska (2020) is a saucy Netflix original from India. In this romantic comedy a young man is filled with confusion about his future, but he does know one thing for certain: he wants to be a star. He dreams of leaving everything behind and becoming a major Bollywood sensation. He's not an actor yet, but a boy can dream. Part of his dream means leaving his family behind and abandoning their generations-old family business: the Irani Cafe that has been beloved in his community for ages. Will he actually leave it all behind? Not after he meets a beautiful young woman with whom he has a summer romance with. This changes everything for him! The two of them have a sexy summer romance that gives him clarity on the difference between dreaming and delusion. He is played by Prit Kimani who plays Rumi Irani who has a sexy scene with the lady of his dreams. Their steamy summer romance comes to fruition when his shirt comes off of his body as they make out. She gets on top of him and we see his cut abs. In another scene, he does go to an audition. He thinks he should be nude for it in order to show he can method act. His nude audition surprises the casting directors. We're surprised, too, but pleasantly. We get to see his ass as the casting table focuses on his frontal region. Maybe next time he'll turn around and we can see that un-maska-ed cock!