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Born in Payson, Utah, Michael E.R. Walker was a professional ballroom dancer turned actor who enjoyed all sorts of different art forms. We enjoyed seeing his fine form in all of them! Michael Edwin Raoul, who was as hot as any actor ever on ER, studied at BYU, where he did all sorts of dance competitions and was eventually crowned the North American Latin Junior Champion. Also a master of Zumba, the tasty snack made both his film and skin debuts in Eating Out: All You Can Eat (2009). It's a catfishing flick about a gay man using a straight dude's pic to get some good dick. Since it's an Eating Out movie, nobody's all that straight, so there's all sorts of man on man action. At one point, Michael is responsible for a full frontal assault while getting all sorts of ass. And while we'd ever shame anyone for having a tiny wiener, let's just say old ladies could use the giant thing dangling between Michael's legs as a walker. We'd fake a limp if it meant getting ahold of that limp dick! Which wouldn't stay that way for long. Michael kept it gay in the up and coming actors living in West Hollywood drama The Wishmakers (2011), but despite our wishes didn't do more full frontal. Michael's last role came alongside big name stars Jamie-Lynn Sigler and Alicia Witt in the immigration drama I Do (2012). Unfortunately, that was the last time we'd see Michael onscreen, as he didn't make another screen appearance before passing away in 2017. Hopefully Michael E.R. Walker is walking on clouds, and dancing with the angels.