Tom Ellis has become a fan favorite here at Mr. Man, and while we're not social scientists by any measure, we have a hunch that his popularity could have something to do with his stunning 6' 3" tall bod, dashing good looks, manly five o'clock shadow, and of course, awesome ass!



When Tom Ellis played the lead on Lucifer during the shows first three seasons, he sadly couldn't show off his perfect peach because back then, Lucifer aired on network televison. For season four it made the jump to Netflix, and we got some awesome nudity. Now Netflix is teasing the upcoming fifth season of Lucifer, and if the trailer is any indication, there will be ass! 

When you have an actor as gorgeous as Tom Ellis, not playing up his sex appeal in your advertising just seems like a bad idea. Bad marketing practices tbh. About 50 seconds into the trailer (embeded at the top of this page) we can see Tom's smooth tan booty as he stands fully nude. Who knows what else is in store for season five! PENIS? Jk prob not :(