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Want a little more doin it in your whodunnit? Then you're gonna wanna see Cuban actor Raudel Raúl Martiato in the 2020 Netflix series Toy Boy, which is billed as a cross between True Detective and Magic Mike. Raudel's a bit of a mystery man, with a background that's tough to track down. We do know he spent some time as a personal trainer and salsa instructor before turning to acting. Technically, his acting debut came in a 2019 short film called breathe (2019), but the breathtaking black actor really hit it big later that year, when he was cast in Toy Boy. It's the story of a bunch of male strippers investigating how one of them ended up framed for murder a few years back. Raudel plays German, one of the titular "Toy Boys" who will have you reaching for your favorite sex toy. Raudel must have lived in the gym back in his personal training days, since he is cut like few have ever been. Whether it's as part of the ensemble doing a sexy soldier routine, bulging out of some black speedos while stuck in jail or nailing an erotic construction worker themed dance, Raudel had us all riled up! He even gives us a solid look down his back alley when a lady comes backstage and isn't expecting to catch an eyeful, but finds him unabashedly bare-assed. Surprise! Wish that thing was between our thighs! While he has only appeared in Una noche con Adela (2022) since then, we're expecting big things from Raudel Raul Martiato. This Toy Boy brings Mr. Man joy!