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Sexify (2021-2023)

Great Nudity!


Sexify (2021) is a Polish Netflix comedy where a group of students wants to compete in a tech competition where they would have to develop a truly unique and game-changing app. Since they are horny - and inexperienced - students they decide to try to build a sex app and dive head-first into learning the ins and outs of the intimacy world because they actually do not know much about it at all. Watch this comedy about young, beautiful Polish people trying to figure out what exactly sexuality and desire mean to them and to the entire world as they try to develop this app. As a result of a plot like that, you can imagine that there are some nude scenes in this show. You would be correct! The buff and manly Leonardo Marques has sex with a lucky lady in a scene shot in broad daylight, shining some sun on his full moon. Speaking of butts, Jedrzej Wielecki bangs a babe with his pants off and his shirt on against a wall. The lucky lady? She is checking her phone. We're checking out that ass! Michal Kasprzak plays a pornstar and we get to check out his beefy, tattooed chest and his muscular ass when he engages in some porn that we see on a laptop. Did you want more sexy men who show off their booties? Damian Krajczyk and Jakub Sierenberg play hot cops at a club in which they wear thongs that bare their bulges and their buttcheeks. We also get to see the shirtless sex chests of actors Karol Biskup and Aleksander Talkowski who each get nude in straight scenes that do not show us much skin. Guys, Sexify those scenes!