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Taekwondo (2016)

Great Nudity!

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The Argentinian flick Taekwondo (2016) literally kicks ass! Under the direction of Marco Berger and Martín Farina, the romantic dramedy follows a bunch of hard-bodied hunks who get together to make us hard as they train hard in the Asian martial arts form of combat sports. The Taekwondo dudes enjoy sexy moves that show off the majesty of their muscles. In other words, Mr. Man gives this pic two thumbs — and another part of the anatomy  — way up! Flesh fans can’t get enough of Juan Manuel Martino who goes full frontal two minutes into the pic. When he isn’t practicing the fist foot way, the naked knockout is laying in bed face up to let us admire his black belt balls and pretty peen. If that’s not arousing enough, he also struts his stuff in the buff. Best of all, he exposes his butthole while banging a guy. Talk about a team player! Not to be outdone, Lucas Papa flashes his abs, ass, sack and uncut shaft. That goes double for Darío Miño and Gaston Re who display their collective buns, balls and junk while changing clothes. In another scene, they literally hang out with Lucas in a sauna at the 20-minute mark. Needless to say, it’s hot! Speaking of, Arturo Frutos and Gabriel Epstein flaunt their private parts. Like handsome Nicolás Barsoff, they are among the guys vying for your erection, erh, attention. With minimal dialogue and maximal skin, it’s clear Taekwondo is a veritable sausage festival. Dig in!