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Men of Hard Skin

Men of Hard Skin (2019)

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Mr. Man likes the skin on men. And prefers to see them hard. So, a movie called Men of Hard Skin (2019) got his immediate erection. Make that, attention. Also known as Hombres de piel dura, José Celestino Campusano’s hard-hitting drama takes place on a farm in rural Buenos Aires. Alas, not everything is as idyllic as the natural scenery of the Argentinian landscape. The indie flick follows a teenaged boy named Ariel (Wall Javier) who has been the target of abuse by the neighborhood priest (Germán Tarantino) for years. To make matters worse, the misused youth misinterpreted the mistreatment by the older man in romantic in a way. Nevertheless, Ariel tries to free himself from the pervy priest. As such, he begins to have a secret affair with a farmhand. There are no easy answers to the questionable actions of these characters. In other words, Men of Hard Skin deals with hard situations. But just because the film takes an unflinching look at power and sexual discovery doesn’t mean viewers can’t find some release from the provocative scenes, especially when watching in a cathartic way. During the drama, Ariel performs fellatio on Julio (Juan Salmeri) just 19 minutes into the movie. By the 43-minute mark, the two are having sex in a shed while other men are peeping on them. Later, Ramírez (Sergio Sarria) receives head from Ariel. All in all, this is a sad tale of tail that will have you watching with a box of tissues for multiple reasons.