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AKA: Tamer Mohammed Abedrabbo

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Tamer Abedrabbo may not be a household name just yet, but if Mr. Man has anything to say about it, he's well on his way to becoming one. Born in the Garden State to Middle Eastern emigrants, Tamer relocated with his family to Jordan shortly after the US invasion of Iraq in 2003 in a bid to make him just as acquainted with his familial lands as he was with the West. This made Tamer a bilingual superstar who could play a wide variety of characters from a wide variety of backgrounds, the kind of thing that's invaluable to someone seeking a career in Hollywood. An acting career wasn't all that Tamer was after, however, as his new life in Jordan opened his eyes to the plight of refugees around the world, leading him to join United in Humanity, a non-governmental agency that helps displaced refugees find new homes around the world. It might be uncouth to say this, but there really is nothing hotter than a guy with a conscience. Tamer eventually made his way back to the United States where he embarked on that acting career he had always dreamed of, landing on Mr. Man's radar when he appeared in the HBO reboot of Gossip Girl in 2021! We don't mean to gossip, girl, but we very nearly caught sight of Tamer's bare ass when, in episode three, he dropped his robe to reveal his naked body to woman, though sadly the camera is positioned just to his right side, meaning we can't see Tamer's tush! Hopefully someday soon Tamer will stop playing things so Tame!