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The Cook of Castamar

The Cook of Castamar (2021)

Brief Nudity


The Cook of Castamar (2021) is a period drama from Spain that follows the love story between an agoraphobic cook (the titular cook of Castamar) and a noblewoman who has been recently widowed. They form a beautiful relationship in 18th-century Madrid and there is a cast of colorful (and hot) characters that round out this award-winning TV series. There are actually SO many sexy guys in this series that it's hard to know where to begin with describing them. How about we start off with the most naked guy? Maxi Iglesias plays Francisco Marlango who shows off his beautiful booty and chiseled abs in multiple scenes. He gets out of bed and bares his booty in a well-lit scene. Xabier Murua plays Zurdo who also bares buns when he bangs a babe standing up. And boy does he stand. He has his pants down at his ankles and keeps his shirt on while he proudly shows his ass. That's quite the ass to be proud of, so we get it. Now for more shirtless action check out Joan Carrera as King Felipe V who sticks to shirtlessness. Jaime Zatarain and Carlos Serrano-Clark spice things up with some gay action. They have two different gay scenes: one in which their clothes are on and they are kissing and another where they are shirtless and kissing. We don't get to see more than that, so it's just an appetizer. Finally, for more sexy snacks check out Raul Ferrando and Michel Tejerina who are both shirtless in the woods. That'll give YOU wood.