With all of the celebrities going nude these days, it is downright shocking to us when a celebrity claims that they won't do a sex scene. Some won't do nudity at all! What's that all about? Let's check out some of those absolute freaks who refuse to get freaky in the bedroom for high pay for our enjoyment. These guys don't want to do sex scenes:

Penn Badgley

We know that Penn Badgley has yet to go nude because we are all begging him to. Every episode of You has us all watching for the slightest amount of crack or cock from this skinny legend. He has stated that he doesn't want to do sex scenes because he doesn't want to cause any potential issues in his marriage. While that may be a smart move for a happy home, it is a move that is killing us worse than Joe in You!

These Celebrities Claim They Won't Do a Sex Scene

Chris Pratt

Now this news may surprise you, but Pratt previously worked as an exotic dancer. It's true! About three years ago he came clean that he was previously a stripper. He's even said that his hardest audition was for the male strip club that he ended up working at. Yeah, I bet it was hard. We've seen his toned ass and it looks nice as hell. I'd put some singles in his coin slot!

Alas, he won't do a sex scene. And now he has a new rule: no more nudity. C'mon, man! Now that you're an actor you won't give us anything? What if we tip...to see his tip!

These Celebrities Claim They Won't Do a Sex Scene

Neal McDonough

The Desperate Housewives star was allegedly fired from ABC's Scoundrels for not doing sex scenes. That is weird considering Scoundrels did not have any explicit nudity - like at all. Was the refusal worth it, Neal? He also won't kiss another woman, so that might be it. He sticks to this mission out of respect for his wife and the executives behind the projects that he is in don't always love it.

He has told the press before that this has definitely cost him jobs and makes people view him as a religious nut. While he is a religious person, he claims that most of this is out of respect for his family and his marriage. Apparently, showing off his undies is okay because he did that in Legends of Tomorrow.

These Celebrities Claim They Won't Do a Sex Scene

Dwayne Johnson

The wrestler is an absolute beefcake whose body we all want to see a lot more of. There's so much to see, after all! Sadly, this muscular piece of man meat does not want to do any sex scenes. He typically plays father figures, so I suppose it makes sense. That being said, who wouldn't love to top this daddy?

These Celebrities Claim They Won't Do a Sex Scene

Enough of this non-nudity. Would you like to see some actual nudes? I know that I would. I need ass and I need it stat. Let's check out some of the sexiest asses that we saw in 2023: